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[edit] Overview

Awesomatix's introductory touring car is one of the most awaited cars to be released in years. This Russian designed touring car made an impressive debut in the 2010/2011 European Touring Car series and just recently has been now made available for sale.

[edit] Current Models

For 2014, Awesomatix built upon their race winning A700L platform and took it to the next level by offering the Floating Front Gearbox to remove torque steer from the platform.

[edit] A700 Evo

Announced in December 2013, the A700 Evo builds upon the successful A700L but features a revolutionary new drive train system called “FFG” (Floating Front Gearbox). The front gearbox is now able to float inside the outer frame during acceleration and braking. This allows the gearbox to move left/ right and rotate to prevent any chassis flex/tweak effect from the shaft transmission torque.

[edit] Prior Models

2012 race kit improvements:

  1. New 2-piece dampers are more reliable, more convenient for use and with improved damping curve
  2. New "slotted" chassis with adjustable flex.
  3. New convenient system of battery mounting.
  4. More rigid AM03-1 "floating" motor mount with possibility of additional flex adjustment.
  5. Improved AM10-1 Steering Plate for easy and reliable bearing's adjustment.
  6. Improved AM01-1 Gear Boxes for more longer rear steering links and with improved system of upper arms mounting.

[edit] A700EX

Building upon what the Awesomatix Team learned in preparations for the Worlds, a new kit was released, further pushing the limits of lowered center of gravity by recessing bulkheads into the chassis. The EX kit supports both Longitudinal and Transverse motor configurations.

[edit] A700L

Released at the same time as the A700EX, the A700L sports a different, thinner chassis that only supports Longitudinal motor configurations.

[edit] A700EXL

Announced in December 2012, the A700EXL is the special version of A700EX kit without the parts for transverse motor layout. This configuration was requested by many existing Awesomatix drivers so Oleg delivered this new packaging. The A700EXL kit does not include:

  • AM02
  • AM04
  • AM13
  • ST06
  • C03-1
  • G01
  • G02
  • B84RS x2

All others parts are the same as in A700EX kit.

[edit] A700

Starting in November 2011, Awesomatix started the sale of their revolutionary electric 1/10th scale touring car.

The two outstanding features of our product are:

  1. A new patented suspension dampening system - Smooth, lightweight with a low center of gravity. Resulting from having the dampeners mounted low on the chassis without the need for shock towers. The dampening system is fully adjustable without the need for dis-assembly. Rates of the compression and rebound dampening differs in our shock absorbers controllably.
  2. A drive train that combines the benefits of shaft and belt drive systems, without the negative side effects such as so-called ‘torque steer’, associated with shaft drive RC cars. Harmful weight transfer typical for longitudinal motor RC cars at acceleration and turning is minimized.

[edit] Manufacture Web Pages

[edit] Distributors

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[edit] Manual

[edit] Discussion Boards

[edit] Build Hints

[edit] CVD

[edit] Proper Tools

From Oleg- CVD rings - please don't use more than 2.5mm width blade flat screw drivers to open them!

[edit] Drive Shaft Blades / Bushings

From Tom- Square Brass Bushings - They wear out pretty quickly although do not wear the outdrives at all.

Round Steel Bushings - Zero wear on the bushing and Zero wear on the outdrives after about 30 runs! Awesome.

Cant see why you would use the plastic blades at all when you can use a bushing that doesn't wear and creates zero friction under load due to being able to roll in the outdrive.

[edit] Universal Joint

From Mark- Regarding the axle assembly - after ensuring the snap lock is engaged, consider using a small piece of heat shrink tubing to secure the collar. This was helpful with other makes of ECS-type units.

Awesomatix has release a new option part, P20, which is a plastic collar that goes on the outside of the ST17 Universal Ring. The collar provides extra strength to prevent the ring from opening during a crash.

[edit] Setup Tips

[edit] Sway Bars

[edit] Spring Rates

From Oleg -- I have just calculated the stiffness of our stabilizers. The results:

  • 1.0mm stabilizer adds 10,8 gF/mm to the suspension stiffness
  • 1.1mm stabilizer adds 15,8 gF/mm
  • 1.2mm stabilizer adds 22,2 gF/mm
  • 1.3mm stabilizer adds 30,8 gF/mm

This means that in case of you will remove 1.1mm stabilizer you should add 15,8 gF/mm to the springs setting to get the same side roll as with this stabilizer. Please check this on the track - remove stabilizers and increase the appropriate spring stiffness. I think that without stabilizers our car will be faster, especially on asphalt.

[edit] Hop-ups

[edit] Drive Train

  • P20 - Front Universals Ring
    • Plastic rings to help prevent the ST17 Universal Rings from opening up after a crash

[edit] Tie-Rods

  • AT25-T - Long Titanium Turnbuckles (2 per package) - a whole car requires 4 packages
    • A good hop-up to replace the kit's aluminium turnbuckles

[edit] Roll Center Adjustment

  • AM06S - Steering Block Short
    • Allows you to further lower the roll center of the Awesomatix. Reduces the block length by 1mm
  • AM26 - Rear Ball Holder x 2
    • Should be used with AM06S on the rear suspension. It gives the possibility to have very low roll center at still good level of camber gain.
  • AM18-1 - Front Holder
    • Shortens the upper arm. It increases the camber again at up travel of the suspension and reduces the roll of the car.

[edit] Links

  • P18/P19 - Ball Joint S Set
    • Are shorter than the P01/P02 set. The material of P18/19 is harder but also more fragile
  • AT25-T - Turnbuckle Titanium Long x 2
    • Titanium replacements for the AT25 links

[edit] Pivot Balls

  • AT21S - Pivot Balls
    • has 0.5mm lower ball height than AT21. It extend the range of roll center setting.
  • ST24
    • Steel replacements for the AT21 Pivot Balls. ST24 is 0.7mm lower than the AT21.

[edit] Steering

  • A700-IAS
    • Provides increased Ackermann setting but reduces max steering angle.
  • AM20 - IAS Steering Rod
    • Designed to complement the A700-IAS

[edit] Gear Set

  • AT28
    • Percise metal axis for 10T gears inside the gear diff

[edit] Parts Only for the older A700

  • C06
    • carbon version of AM19 for old A700 cars. I don't recommend it for A700L and A700EX cars.

[edit] Replacement Parts / Consumables

suggestions from Mark Dawson - I have received a couple of emails/PMs for a quick list of nice-to-have-parts. My suggestions are:


  1. A single complete universal (Page 5) - haven’t worn one out or had any failures – typically like to have spares for essential drivetrain components.
  2. 1 set of either bronze, round or c-clip bushings (Page 5)
  3. SPR07 – E-ring. Very tiny and critical to keeping the clips/bushings in place
  4. QTY 1 – C04 Arm – haven’t broken one to date but a good just-in-case
  5. QTY 1 – P04 Lower Hub Mount - could elongate on serious crash
  6. QTY 1 – P01/P02 – Specialized to the A700 and critical to front/rear suspension
  7. QTY 1 –Ball End Set – Not specialized for the A700, Kyosho offer similar and upgrade HARD ends.
  8. QTY 1 – Long Turnbuckle – the suspension has to have some place to absorb collision. Have bent/broken one of these.
  9. QTY 1 – Short Turnbuckle – same as above.


  1. QTY 2 – B106RS Bearings - haven’t worn one out or had any failures – typically like to have spares for essential drivetrain components.
  2. QTY 1 – SPR01 – haven’t bent one – could potential straighten if needed
  3. QTY 1 – SPR02 - haven’t bent one – could potential straighten if needed
  4. QTY 1 – P09 – frequent changes to suspension might wear plastic part
  5. QTY 1 – Gear Diff Rebuild Kit – follow Olegs modification instructions. Surely may not have to rebuild a rear-installed gear diff. But if you run a front gear diff with putty – it might wear faster than the rear.
  6. QTY 1 – Extra Spool - haven’t worn one out or had any failures – typically like to have spares for essential drivetrain components.
  7. QTY 1 – AT04 – Drive Shaft - - haven’t worn one out or had any failures – typically like to have spares for essential drivetrain components.

[edit] Setups

[edit] Understand the Setup Sheets

[edit] Sheets

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