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[edit] Why

With the return to racing competition where we use ESC in a non-timing/non-boosted configuration the capabilities of a given motor model or even a particular motor from a batch of motors becomes even more important. In order to get the most performance out of race car you must understand the existing motor performance on both a motor dyno and on the race track in order to evaluate the effect, positive or negative, of changes made. There are two major approaches when attempting to measure a motor's performance

  1. In-car Data Acquisition
  2. Bench Dyno Systems

Often devices known as 'motor checkers' get confused with dynos. Unfortunately, because motor checkers do not provide load to the motor under test there is not way to determine how well the motor will work under racing conditions.

[edit] In-car Data Acquisition

[edit] Eagle Tree eLogger V4

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[edit] Vendor Description

Some ESC manufacturers are adding data logging to their products. However, these logging capabilities are limited, have very short logging times at high sample rates, and few if any additional sensors are available. While these built-in solutions may "whet your appetite" for data, our eLogger and its incredible array of sensors and powerful software will let you measure virtually anything you will ever need. Also, investing in logging add-ons that are tied to a particular ESC means that the investment is only good as long as you use that ESC. Eagle Tree telemetry is portable across any ESC brand/model. Finally, while the ESC manufacturers and others may lose interest in their logging capabilities if they don't sell well, you can rest assured that Eagle Tree will continue to enhance and expand our eLogger with additional features and sensors. Data is all we do!

[edit] References

[edit] Novak Sentry Data Logger

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[edit] Vendor Description

The Sentry is ideal for brushless, brushed and gas-powered motors. It includes sensors that record the temperature in three places, throttle/steering, voltage and RPM in an R/C car. Plus, the unit includes four Digital Sensors and Expander Board. Each digital temperature sensor is equipped with its own unique address to measure the temperature in multiple areas of a vehicle. A Current Sensor is also included; it measures the current drawn from the battery to the motor. Each sensor is extremely accurate and will give users precise measurements on how their car is performing. In addition to the detachable sensors, the Sentry is equipped with a built-in XY Accelerometer. The Accelerometer measures the G-forces applied to an R/C car, which helps determine the steering setup, suspension, throttle smoothness and severity of a crash.

[edit] Bench Dyno Systems

[edit] Competition Electronics TurboDyno 45

[edit] Web Site

[edit] Vendor Description

  • SET EFFICIENCY while the motor is running. This feature can extend battery run time. A 5% increase in motor efficiency will yield 15 seconds of extra run time on a 300 sec. pack.
  • DIRECTLY CALCULATE GEAR RATIOS from a known motor to an unknown motor. This will allow you to use practice time for driving instead of trying to figure out gearing.
  • BRUSH & SPRING EFFECTS on RPM, AMPS, TORQUE, OUTPUT WATTS and EFFICIENCY are readily seen due to the extreme repeatability and sensitivity of the TURBOdyno.
  • WIDE RANGE TESTING will show you AMPS, RPM, TORQUE, WATTS and EFFICIENCY from a light load to a full 45 amp load. No other dyno will give you all these readings. Slave motor variations do not have any effect on TURBOdyno readings since the slave motor is just used as a load.
  • TESTING MOTOR PERFORMANCE will tell you which motors are your best motors without wasting valuable track time.
  • All MAJOR MOTOR MANUFACTURERS depend on the TURBOdyno to obtain world-winning performance from their motors. The TURBOdyno can do the same for you.
    • ACTUAL DIRECTLY MEASURED TORQUE, rpm, amps, volts.
    • HP Thermal PRINTER interface
  • 12 VDC power required
  • Manual or automatic operation
  • 8 Setups stored in power down memory.

[edit] Required Modifications


[edit] McPappy DIY Brushless Dyno

[edit] Web Site

[edit] Vendor Description

Today's brushless racing introduced new variables (mechanical timing, speedo timing, RPM ranges, rotor diameters) on top of the rollout variable. The new McPappy Racing DIY Brushless Dyno helps you to make sense of some of that. This dyno platform will allow you to test your motors against a brushless slave motor that provides consistent resistance from test to test. It was designed to accommodate multiple test configurations: direct coupler in between both motors, direct coupler with flywheel in between both motors, offset the motors using 2 pinions, offset the motors using 2 pinions + flywheel. The flywheel provides inertia resistance and the brushless slave provides constant resistance. Together they reproduce similar track resistance. The key component to this dyno platform is a huge peice of 1/4" 6061 aluminum which acts as a giant heat sink. Two large fans and all of that aluminum mass will bring the temperture of the motors and resistors back down to room temperature very quickly. This allows you to run many tests very quickly. To find your most powerful motor and speedo combination is actually quite simple. Your overall goal is to spin the flywheel and slave motor as fast as you can with the least amount of amp draw. The McPappy Racing DIY Brushless Dyno can help you do just that. You will be able to find your strongest motors and most efficient combination of mechanical timing, speedo timing, RPM ranges, and rotor diameters.

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