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[edit] Battery Chargers

[edit] Charging

There are many good chargers available new and used on the market today. Some of my favorites include:

  • Thunder Power TP610 (the DC-only version)
    • 10 Amp maximum
  • Junsi iCharger 306B
    • 30 Amp maximum
  • Competition Electronics GFX
    • 20 Amp maximum

If your favorite charger isn't on this list, don't worry, it *might* not suck. Many chargers work great when charging 2s batteries -- but often they suck at charging 1s batteries (often false peaking at 4.14v)

[edit] Cycling

There is only one choice - The Competition Electronics GFX

[edit] Cycling LIPO Batteries

I don't use the cycle feature. I charge and discharge.

Doings full discharge all of the time will kill your packs.

You must set AIR to on in the discharge menu. discharge your pack tour looking for-- in the data menu once the discharge is complete..

  1. runtime
  2. avg voltage
  3. ir
  4. seconds above 4v/8v (1s or 2s) -- seen in the graph on the data view

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