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[edit] Overview

Hello Serpent Enthusiast, Welcome to the Serpent S411 wiki where it is our goal to post all things related to the S411. The S411 is Serpent’s 2nd attempt at the world of 1/10th scale touring cars. As with many of the top touring cars out now Serpent has developed a platform that allows for racing at the highest level on most any surface. With features such as 2.5mm Carbon fiber chassis, rear gear differential, alloy threaded adjustable shocks, spring steel cvds and alloy bulk heads and motor mount the S411 is on par with all of the top rated touring cars on the market. The S411 can be found in several online shops in the US and abroad. Popular shops in the US carrying this kit and support parts are…

A few shops not in the US that carry this car and support parts are…

[edit] Manufacture Web Pages

[edit] Manual/Other Downloads

Serpent S411 Manual:[1]

[edit] Discussion Boards

[edit] Build Hints

[edit] Hop-ups

[edit] 40T Drive Line

[edit] Front Spool

[edit] Gear Diff

  • To lighten diff use Xceed light differential set for S733.

[edit] Replacement Parts / Consumables

[edit] Setups

  • Serpent S411 setups:[2]
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