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[edit] Web Site

Product innovations for my side piece! Check it out at

[edit] Mira Outdrives

Product home page:

7075 T6 Aluminum outdrives designed to allow the TOP Racing Photon Spool to use XRay Drive Shafts. The primary goal is to enable the XRay ECS Drive Shafts on the Photon, or any other 40 tooth pulley based touring car, such as the Team Associated TC6 or Yokomo BD-5. These new outdrives are designed to support both 52mm and 50mm XRay ECS Drive Shafts.

The usage of ECS (also known as LCD) drive shafts is to reduce or eliminate the chatter (noise/vibration) within Rubber Tire Touring Cars when leveraging maximum steering throw. These ECS shafts increase car stability and just make cars easier to drive.

[edit] Customer Pictures

[edit] TOP Racing Photon

Image:Spr-0001-50mm-down-x.png Image:Spr-0001-52mm-down-x.png

Image:Spr-0001-50mm-up-x.png Image:Spr-0001-52mm-up-x.png

[edit] Team Associated TC6


[edit] Nikita Outdrives

Product home page:

7075 T6 Aluminum outdrives designed to improve the reliability of the XRay Spool. Building upon the success for the Mira Outdrive design, the same design elements were brought in this new product for the XRay Spool. These new outdrives are designed especially to support the 50mm XRay ECS Drive Shafts by increasing the length of the outdrive by an extra 2mm. This product is designed for the XRay T2'009, T3, T3'11 and T3'12 touring cars.

[edit] Customer Pictures

[edit] XRay T3'11

  • With 50mm ECS


  • With 52mm ECS


[edit] Geisha Fans

Product home page:

These are the smallest, most reliable, high RPM, high CFM fans available! Having a fan on your R/C motor is key in 'blinky' brushless stock racing!


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i n f o - at - s i d e p i e c e r a c i n g - dot - c o m

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