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[edit] Overview

The Rev.7 is the latest 1/12th scale from SpeedMerchant. The car features an inline-only design to minimize weight and improve

[edit] Manufacture Web Pages

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[edit] Build Hints

[edit] The golden rule

Don't be a butcher!

When properly built this car is very light when race ready. My car came in at 708g -- leaving 22g for weight adjustment.

[edit] Servo

The car comes pre-drilled for the Spektrum H5000 or H5010 servo or Futaba s9650.

[edit] Speed Control

Tekin RS/RS Pro and LRP SXX speedos are drop-in models for the new car

[edit] Booster

Using a booster helps save weight vs lipo/life packs. The TQ Cells Booster is probably the best on the market right now

[edit] Wiring

Clean wiring saves weight. 16ga TQ Wire is the best for most classes but modified. TQ Wire 13ga wire is prefer for modified class.

Don't forget to include the TQ Wire Silicone Wire Sensor Cables

[edit] Body

Make sure to mount the body forward. A body that is offset to the back (more overhang in the front) will always drive on its nose. The Protoform AMR-12 is recommended!

[edit] Hanulec's build procedure for less failure

Let someone else do it.

[edit] Hop-Ups

[edit] Front End

[edit] New "Old School" Front End

SpeedMerchant is specially cutting camber and caster into the "Old School" front ends to make them better than ever! This front end was the old standard in the Rev 4.5 (and earlier cars). The front end simplifies car setup and saves weight.

[edit] Rear Pod

[edit] Team Tamale Ride Height Adjustable Rear Pod

  • Allows for fine grained control of ride height without using the usual Associated 12L axle spaces
  • Designed to include larger 1/4" ID x 1/2" OD bearings

[edit] Setups

  • coming soon...
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