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[edit] Overview

The TOP Rebel 1/12th scale race car was developed by Josh Cyrul and has become publicly available in January 2011. The car was first displayed at the 2010 IIC, and first raced at the 2010 Cleveland Indoor Champs where it scored a 2nd place in 17.5 Stock (boosted) at the hands of Larry Fairtrace. At the 2011 Snowbirds two TOP Rebel's were in the A-main of 17.5 Stock (blinky) and EJ Evans finished 2nd. At the 2011 IIC Larry Fairtraced TQ'd 13.5 Boosted.

[edit] Manufacture Web Pages

[edit] Discussion Boards

[edit] The Setup

I've been getting a lot of inquires about how to make your Rebel 12 awesome like Larry's and mine -- so here is the complete list. Just buy all of the stuff listed _and_ put the setup on.

[edit] Do it now!

Run this setup: Michael Hanulec 2011 Vegas IIC 17.5 1/12 Blinky

[edit] Tire Combos

The combos depend upon car speed, grip and bumpiness. Smooth + ultra high grip run combo #1. All other times, run combo #2 (or something even softer)

  1. BSR Black Front/GrewLow Rear - stock or super stock
  2. BSR Magenta Front/Pink Rear - super stock or mod

[edit] Parts

[edit] TOP

[edit] Necessary

  1. V2 left rear hub (or an IRS hub)
  2. "spare/replacement" upper arms / front control arms #PC-RMAS01 -- sold individually
  3. "spare/replacement" side links
  4. rebel black side springs (i cannot remember what the kit comes with -- but u need this one)

[edit] Nice to have

  1. 14mm Photon Ball Ends -- used on the associated steering blocks otherwise the 2mm screws will move around with a big hit
  2. Photon 5.x mm Pivot Balls (for ball ends)
  3. small outside diameter 3mm x 0.5m red shims/collars - for top of shock on pod top plate
  4. Quantity 4x 2mm shim pack (0.1, 0.2, 0.3 thinness silver shims) - for shimming the upper front arm
  5. 3.2mm shim pack (0.1, 0.2, 0.3 thinness silver shims) - for shimming front end springs adjustment
  6. small outside diameter 3.2mm x 0.5 shims/collars - for front end shiming
  7. small outside diameter 3.2mm x 1.0 shims/collars - for front end shiming

[edit] Non-TOP Parts

All of these parts are necessary...

  1. Kyosho 96504 DIFF.GEAR GREASE #15000 - used in the damper tubes, and on front end king pins
  2. 3mmx20mm titanium turnbuckles -- i'd recommend lunsford. if you cannot get them that small just cut some down
  3. Associated 8421 10l/12l steering block
  4. threaded titanium front axles -- from lunsford LUN8043 or CRC 4115
  5. Associated 0.020 1/12th front springs
  6. CRC Black Art R8C Body
  7. replacent 2mm and 3mm hardware -- top screws are soft. i buy stainless from mcmaster.
  8. Shoe Goo - to mount your servo
  9. i like the futaba 9650 server (don't worry -- the car is light, you'll have to add 20g to make weight anyway)

[edit] Pictures

To make sure you get it right -- take a look https://picasaweb.google.com/114876462704564424824/Rebel12?authuser=0&feat=directlink

[edit] Build Hints

[edit] Front End

The car comes with the e-clip style front axle. Many of the drivers have been replacing the steering blocks with the old school Associated L4 steering blocks and Lunsford Titanium Axles.

To get the full steering throw without having issues with the steering block rubbing the arm and lifting up throughout the turn you must shave down the lower arm slightly behind the lower pivot ball. I am also using a small .1mm shim below and above the steering block, between the pivot ball and steering block to create clearance so nothing rubs as the steering block turns or is raised.

The lower arms have aluminum inserts in them to mount them to the chassis. If you plan on using BSR tires use them in the narrow position, if you plan to use Jacos mount the arms in the wide position. This will give you the correct front track width.

[edit] Finding Ride Height prior to V2 Lowered Arms

Increase ride height: You can gain .8mm by using Assoc R5 steering blocks trimmed to 8.9mm tall. These blocks were sanded until I hit the "flat" on the hex section of the axle - taking much more off the bottom may weaken the part. The R5 steering blocks are closer to stock geometry than "old school" Assoc plastic/delrin blocks or aluminum blocks from Team Tamale made for the Rev5/6.


[edit] Servo Mounting

It's popular to mount the servo to the chassis in the flat position. Shoe goo is what has been used in most cases. We have been using 3-4 mm of shimming on the steering blocks to raise the steering links and make them flat which changes the ackerman. This makes it similar to the angled servo mount. When mounting the servo flat try and make the links as straight as possible.

[edit] Rear Pivot

Use metal polish to polish the pivot balls

[edit] Side Links

Use metal polish to polish the pivot balls Install these "side link" o-rings in the slots at the end of the side links (where the screws go through) to keep the sidelinks from applying too much drag against the pivot balls. This will really free up the links. speedmerchant o-rings

[edit] Shock Oil

[edit] Setup 1

60 Wt. Losi shock oil has been the common choice for the Rebel shock. The piston has 3 holes and anything under 60 wt make it very soft. You should shim the shock piston. It requires a 2x4mm shim .1 thick. TOP sells packs of these

[edit] Setup 2

Instead of using a shim to eat up the play in the piston, use CA to remove any wiggle on the piston between the two e-clips. When not using a shim you can run slightly lighter shock oil, like 50 Wt. Losi.

[edit] Tire Sizes

[edit] Old V1 Front Arms

  • club racing
    • Front: 42mm
    • Rear: 44mm
  • Tire size used at the Snowbirds
    • Fronts: 41mm
    • Rears: 42.5mm w/ .5mm shim under rear axle holders

[edit] New V2 Front Arms

  • Club Racing - must apply glue to front side walls
    • New tire ride height goal: 4mm
    • BSR / CRC tires
      • Front: 42mm
      • Rear: 44mm
    • Jaco tires
    • Front: 1.65"
    • Rear: 1.75"
  • IIC 2011 17.5 - no glue on front side walls (BSR)
    • New tire ride height goal: 3.5mm
    • Front: 40mm
    • Rear: 41.5mm

[edit] Hop-ups

[edit] Steering Blocks

  • Associated 8421 Offset Steering Blocks for 10L/12L

[edit] Replacement Parts / Consumables

[edit] Side Springs

You can fit the Speedmerchant linear side springs on the Rebel side spring thumbwheels: strip a short length of silicone insulation from a large gauge wire (I used TQ 10 gauge) and slide this over the spring perch. This will provide enough grip to hold the larger ID springs in place.

[edit] Tube Lube

  • Kyosho 96504 DIFF.GEAR GREASE #15000
  • SureLube #4 (Red)

[edit] Tires

[edit] 17.5T Stock

  • BSR Black Fronts & BSR Gray-lows Rears

[edit] 13.5T

  • Option 1
    • BSR Magenta Fronts & BSR Magenta Rears
  • Option 2
    • BSR Magenta Fronts & BSR Pink Rears
  • Option 3
    • BSR Double Pink Fronts & BSR Pink Rears

[edit] 10.5T/Mod

  • Option 1
    • Jaco Magenta Front & Jaco Magenta Rear
  • Option 2
    • Jaco Magenta Front & Jaco Pink Rear

[edit] Bodies

[edit] Stock Racing

  • CRC/Blackart BA-002 - R8c - complying with ROAR Rules

[edit] Modified Racing

  • Protoform AMR-12
  • CRC/Blackart BA-004 - Bomb-R

[edit] Sensor Cables

Having a flexible sensor cable is very important so you do not put any unnecessary pressure or tweak onto the rear motor pod.

[edit] Wire

[edit] Setups

Editable Setup Sheet

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