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[edit] Overview

The TOP Rebel 1/10th scale race car is design to support either 1s (World GT spec) or 2s (outlaw style) stick battery packs. The car builds upon the strong Rebel 12th platform including the same innovative rear pod and silky smooth front end.

[edit] Manufacture Web Pages

[edit] Discussion Boards

[edit] Build Hints

[edit] Servo Mounting

It's popular to mount the servo to the chassis in the flat position. Shoe goo is what has been used in most cases. KO and Futaba servos should mount directly to the drilled holes on the chassis. When mounting the servo flat try and make the links as straight as possible. Use the upper outside holes on the servo saver.

We have been using 3-4 mm of shimming on the steering blocks to raise the steering links and make them flat which changes the ackerman. This makes it similar to the angled servo mount.

[edit] Rear Pivot

Use metal polish to polish the pivot balls

[edit] Side Links

Use metal polish to polish the pivot balls

Install these "side link" o-rings in the slots at the end of the side links (where the screws go through) to keep the sidelinks from applying too much drag against the pivot balls. This will really free up the links. speedmerchant o-rings

[edit] Shock Oil

[edit] Tire Sizes

  • club racing
    • Front: 53.5mm
    • Rear: 53.5mm

[edit] Hop-ups

[edit] Replacement Parts / Consumables

[edit] Side Springs

The kit side springs appear to be the right stiffness out of the box

[edit] Tube Lube

  • Kyosho 96504 DIFF.GEAR GREASE #15000
  • SureLube #4 (Red)

[edit] Tires

  • BSR World GT Spec Front & Rears

[edit] Bodies

  • Protoform Sophia World GT

[edit] Sensor Cables

Having a flexible sensor cable is very important so you do not put any unnecessary pressure or tweak onto the rear motor pod.

[edit] Wire

[edit] Spur Gears

  • 13.5 non-boosted: 86T or 88T 64p spur

[edit] Setups


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