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[edit] Thanks

Most of the touring car belt "research" you can find on the internet comes from Chris Goetz, a.k.a. seaball on Chris really knows his stuff, so if you cannot figure out what belt/pulley you need to make something happen drop him a PM -- or start a new thread like may other people have done.

[edit] Sizes

Belt Length = (teeth count) x (teeth size)

Car Name {center/f-r pulleys} (front/rear teeth count) (teeth size)

  • HB Cyclone (169/62) (3.0mm)
  • HB Cyclone TC (170/63) (3.25mm)
  • HB TCX (171/64) (3.0mm)
  • Yokomo BD (172/63) (3.0mm)
  • Kyosho TF5 (149/74) (3.0mm)
  • Tamiya TRF414m (169/59) (4mm)
  • Tamiya TRF414m2 (169/59) (4mm)
  • Tamiya TRF 415(169/59) (3.0mm)
  • Tamiya TRF 416 (172/58) (3.0mm)
  • Xray T1/ T2 / 007 (169/60) (3.0mm)
  • Xray T2 008/009 EU {20/3a 4t} (169/61) (3.0mm)
  • Xray T2 008 EU {16/38t} (??/??) (3.0mm)
  • Xray T2 008/009 US {20/34t} (169/62) (3.0mm)
  • Xray T2 009 EU Motor Forward Conversion {20/38t} (167/66) (3.0mm)
  • Xray T3 EU {20/38t} (171/63) (3.0mm)
  • Xray T4 {20/38t} (171/63) (3.0mm)
  • AE TC5 (172/64) (3.5mm)
  • AE TC6 (172/64) (3.5mm)
  • Corally RDX/Phi (169/62/70/71) (3.0mm)
  • Schumacher Mi2ec/3 (171/60) (3.0mm) (specifically Gates Powergrip GT 3MR)
  • Serpent S400 (167/59) (3.5mm)
  • Robitronics Avid (185/62) (3.00mm)
  • TOP Racing Scythe {15/33t} (130/94) (3.00mm)
  • TOP Racing Photon {20/40t} (172/63) (3.0mm)
  • TOP Racing Photon with XRay 38t spool/diff {20/38t} (171/62) (3.0mm)

[edit] Suppliers

Manufacturers like bando and mitsubishi, they sell their belts by 1 sleeve. 1 sleeve can be cut into 70 to 90 belts, depending on the width you want to be cut. The retailer have the cutting machine. If you have group of friends willing to buy 5 belts at once, you'll be surprice each belt only cost you few dollars. Most RC belts are coded S3M XXX, S3M means 3mm pitch, and XXX means the total length of belt in mm. Divide the length ( XXX) by 3, and you get the number of teeth.

Everyone, please be careful. The S in the S3M is very important. It stands for STD (Super Torque Drive) and it refers to the profile of the teeth. There are many other profiles available as well sech as Omega, HTD and RPP. If you use one of these other profiles they may not work as well as the STD and will almost certainly induce alot more friction on the drive. STD belts are mainly made in Asia by companies like Bando and hence you will find them in alot of Asian machinery, but they are not so common in other parts of the world. More common in other parts of the world are HTD and Omega profiles. Now just so you don't think that this guy doesn't know anything, I work in the industry and sell hundreds of both vee and timing belts everyday.

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